Understanding the mindset

To be a  successful seller in this market you have to really look at buyer behavior and whats motivating them.  The difference between buyers now vs. 5 years ago is the sense of urgency buyers have.  Realize how they might view your home from a value perspective given that it shows up on their radar with a strong presentation.

How committed are you to selling your home?

The major differences we run into with sellers in today’s market is their level of commitment to moving.   We try to be straight forward on marketing conditions in each specific micro market or neighborhood.   When a home is marketed aggresively and the market still responds negatively to your price or condition of the home will that cause you not to sell or are you willing to make the necessary adjustments?   Also remember each neighborhood is unique and can bring different values depending on the location and how well neighbors have held out from making huge price adjustments over the last few years.

Get a Plan

The first thing you need to do as a seller in this market after you have determined you want to sell is get a firm game plan.   If you have an agent that you have worked with in the past make sure they are up to speed on all the latest technology and tools used to attract buyers in this market.   Its more important now than it has ever  been to have quality representation.   A marketing plan needs to be well thought out and more importantly well executed to give you the best chance of selling for good price.

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